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Our history

Created in 1982, Château Laulan is a wine estate of 11.4ha of vines located in the Francs - Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, about 15km from Saint-Emilion. East of Libournais, this appellation is the most continental of Bordeaux. It is located on clay-limestone and marly hillsides among the highest in the Gironde.


The origin of Francs dates back to the 5th century, when the area received its name from an army of Francs who won a battle at a place called Ad Francos, later changed to Francs. The region has 42 wine growers and 525 hectares of vines, which makes it one of the smallest Bordeaux AOP.


Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec are planted on clay, silt and limestone. We are currently restructuring the vineyard and also planting white grape varieties.


Most of our grapes are harvested mechanically and vinified in raw concrete vats. We have TEDEM oak barrels (500L) and TAVA amphorae (750L) which allow us to experiment and ferment smaller plots of a specific variety.

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