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Ten kilometers east of Saint-Emilion, in the northern extension of the Castillon vineyard, the Francs vineyard is an enclave that concerns three municipalities located between the Dordogne department to the east and the Lussac and Puisseguin vineyards Saint-Emilion to the west. Francs is the most continental appellation in Bordeaux. It is located on clay-limestone and marly hillsides among the highest in the Gironde.

Laulan map 2 grapes.png

         Cabernet Sauvignon - 15 years old

         Clone 338

         Gravesac rootstock


         Merlot - 22 years old

         Clone 181

         Rootstock 101-14

Altitude: 60m

Orientation: South East

Soil: Clay and Limestone

Laulan map 1 grapes.png

         Malbec - 15 years old

         Clone 180

         Rootstock 101-14


         Cabernet Franc - 22 years old

         Clone 341

         Riparia Gloire de Montpellier rootstock

         Merlot - 35 years old

         Clone 181

         Rootstock 101-14

Altitude: 80m

Orientation: North-East

Soil: Clay-loam

Francs vignoble.jpg
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